Chef Victor's Premium Dishes

Savour all-new Chef Victor's Premium dishes that are based on his secret recipe.

Wok-fried wagyu ribeye cube with special black garlic sauce and portobello mushroom - $48

Wok Fried White Pepper Crab - $60

Poached Boston Lobster Porridge - $68

Stewed Barramundi Fish Fillet - $68

Braised Eight Treasure Duck - $88

All prices subject to service charge and prevailling government taxes.

All images are for illustrative purposes only.

Require 1 day in advance for all orders.

Enjoy a $10 return voucher if you return the Claypot back to Jia Wei Chinese Restaurant. Applicable for the dishes below.

1. Braised Eight Treasure Duck
2. Stewed Barramundi Fish Fillet (500G)
3. Poached Boston Lobster Porridge

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